Welcome to the Plant Based Workshop!

Some may know us as @workshopvegcafe, our little cafe tucked in a cozy corner in North Vancouver. Our cafe was established in 2016 being a pioneer in introducing asian inspired plantbased meals! We tirelessly strive to create convenient, mind blowing plant based products.

In 2018 we wanted share our team’s aspiration to keep creating and expand the reach of conveniently packaged, quality plant based meals. @plantbasedworkshop emerged. Currently, you can find our products in 200+ locations Nationwide!! We are unstoppable. By the end of 2023, we will be launching our shelf stable ramen kits + Mochi cake mixes! Stay tuned for plans to head to the US!

Our Values

At The Plant Based Workshop we inspire through leading by example. Our team members represent strong moral principles. The healthful, diligent choices we make as a collective leads us to executing the optimal procedures in the organization and community.

Born in Japan, raised in Canada. Mayumi has truly embraced the best of both worlds. Her curiosity for flavors, experimenting with food, diet and fitness had amplified since childhood. She has experience in martial arts, entrepreneurship, sports, food/culinary, baking, teaching, hospitality, tourism, marketing, being a mother to two pretty wicked children and a wife to an ever supportive husband.

Mayumi went through a trying time over a decade ago after she gave birth to her second child. Her health had deteriorated with major thyroid, physical problems. Shortly after, she lost her father to Alzheimer’s disease. Mayumi’s relentless focus on personal growth and wellness started here. She recognized that what she feeds herself and her family is one of very few things she can control in her life. 

Living a plant based lifestyle changed Mayumi’s life. She saw improvement in health, strength, and mental clarity. During this transformative time, Mayumi, being a die hard foodie, recognized the need for more diverse choices in the plant based meal choices.

@workshopvegcafe was born in 2016. She fell in love with watching customers devour delicious meals at the cafe/restaurant. When the business took a turn during the pandemic she wanted to share the team’s aspiration to keep creating and expand the reach of conveniently packaged, quality plant based meals. @plantbasedworkshop emerged. Furthermore, Mayumi is obsessed with creating new flavors, and innovating new products. 

Mayumi’s mantra to living her best life is choosing her pain, celebrating all her mistakes and successes, willingness to learn, practicing conscious control, and being exceedingly grateful for everything life has to offer.

Early in life, Hanaca had a fascination towards food and health. Therefore, it was a natural progression for her to major in Nutritional Science.

During the pandemic, Hanaca felt the impact on her mental well being. She then dug deep into what “health” really meant. She realized that it was a balance of physical, mental and social well being. She recognized the importance of our relationship with food. Redirecting that, could change your health immensely. Furthermore, she, like many, simply missed the social aspect of sitting around a table and enjoying a meal with others she felt connected to. This was a turning point for her. Hanaca wanted to make an impact in others lives. She is an excellent problem solver, and food enthusiast! Furthermore, her extensive knowledge in nutrition and attention to detail has made her a go to person within the company rapidly. Hanaca made a difficult yet focused decision to leave her career at Air Canada to join The Plant Based Workshop. 

Hanaca’s mission at the Plant Based Workshop is to grow a community that keeps sharing and striving for a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. She invites people no matter their food preferences to collectively enjoy the delicious plant based options The Workshop has to offer!

Tak’s journey into the plant based world started out back in 2015 after competing for Canada at the World Kendo Championships for the last time, and also after the loss of his father due to early onset Alzheimer’s. 

Realizing that what you put into your body is one thing you can control, he started to seek answers on how the plant based diet may change the course of his life and potentially the course of a hereditary illness. 

Having a chemistry degree, Tak went onto figuring out not only the kind of diet that would help him stay healthy, but also the combined effects of probiotics, prebiotics and the maintenance of a healthy gut. Recording how certain ingredients made him feel, he has now been able to figure out a plant based diet that works for him. Ironically, muscle mass, strength, endurance, and mental clarity all increased dramatically as a result of this change. 

His role in the company is supporting with anything and everything that comes with running a business.