Our Origin Story

Our Story begins with our ancestors in Japan, where the art of creating delicious and nourishing meals has been passed down through generations. We have taken this rich culinary tradition and infused it with our own unique twist, focusing on plant based ingredients that not only taste amazing but also promote health and well-being.

Welcome to our family business, where our roots in Japanese culture and dedication to quality products come together to create a plant-based Japanese inspired meal experience like no other.

Our Core Family Team

When our father had passed with an illness, we believed more than ever that the power of food improves lives and brings people together. We wanted to share more diverse options in the plant based world starting with a small Cafe and big dreams.

Mayumi | Co-Founder

Born in Japan, raised in Canada. Mayumi's curiosity for flavours, experimenting with food, diet and fitness had amplified since childhood. Being a mother to two pretty wicked teenagers and a wife to an ever supportive husband are her best motivations!

Tak | Co-Founder

Tak’s journey into the plant based world started out back in 2015 after competing for Canada at the World Kendo Championships for the last time. Having a chemistry degree, Tak went onto figuring out not only the kind of diet that would help him stay healthy, but also the combined effects of probiotics, prebiotics and the maintenance of a healthy gut. 

Hanaca | Director of Operations

Early in life, Hanaca had a fascination towards food and health. Therefore, it was a natural progression for her to major in Nutritional Science. Hanaca’s mission at the Plant Based Workshop is to grow a community that keeps sharing and striving for a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.


Reinventing the World of Plant Based Products by Creating Convenient, Mind Blowing Flavors.

Originally, our products were created paying homage to our favourite foods growing up. Japanese inspired, taking the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Always made plant based, delicious, wholesome and convenient. Our diverse product line offers plenty of variety to drool over from slurpable noodles, cozy broths, to bouncy and chewy mochi cakes!

Founder Interview

Join us as we sit down with the visionary founder of The Plant Based Workshop, Mayumi, for an inspiring talk about the heart and soul behind our plant-based movement. Discover the driving force that led Mayumi to embark on this incredible journey and learn what our company stands for at its core.