The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe

Dine in: 

  • Come visit us at 296 Pemberton Ave, North Van!
  • Open 11am-6pm M-F. Kitchen closes 5:30pm. 


Takeout - pickup:

Takeout - delivery:

  • order online - select the delivery option
  • Also, available via Door Dash, Skip the Dishes and UBER

Other ways to purchase our products:

  • In-store (we have a market area filled with frozen meals, ready-to-eat meals, dry baking mixes, merchandise and more!)
  • At 100 + retail locations around Canada


    Kitchen closes 5:30pm


    Vegan Tan Tan Ramen

    signature creamy organic butternut squash broth with housemade noodles, nut medley, kale, butternut squash, green onions and rayu chilli oil

    Contains: Wheat, Nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashew), Sesame, Soy, Rice


    Vegan Nama Shoyu Ramen

    rich organic mushroom broth with truffle-shallot oil, housemade noodles, topped with mixed greens and sliced mushrooms

    Contains: Wheat, Soy


    Vegan Rice Noodle with Cashew Sauce
    rice noodles seasoned with "yuzu-kosho" (spicy citrus pepper), served with apples, red cabbage, carrots, green onions, kale, pumpkin seeds, kasha, goji berries, smoked tofu and nut crumble

    Contains: Nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashew), Seeds, Soy


    Kansai udon
    traditional & light udon served in a konbu broth with housemade organic thick noodles, topped with puffed tofu & green onions 

    Contains: Wheat, Soy


    Vegan Smashed Avocado Toast
    seasoned to perfection on housemade natural yeast bread, topped with cherry tomatoes chili flakes, & herb oil

    Contains: Wheat, Sesame, Buckwheat


    Vegan Buddha Bowl with Chickpea Miso Gravy
    organic brown rice salad bowl with housemade chickpea miso gravy, smoked tofu, mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, apples, green onions, goji berries, kasha, hemp seeds and alfalfa sprouts

    Contains: Seeds, Buckwheat, Soy

    SIDE SALAD (V, GF) $8

    fresh organic veggies with housemade chickpea miso gravy

    Side salad


    2 SLICE TOAST (V) $6

    Housemade natural yeast bread with choice of organic jam/butter/peanutbutter (gluten friendly option available + $1)


    Extra Noodles $5
    Cashew Sauce $4
    Miso Gravy $3
    Simmered Tofu $4
    Soft Boiled Egg $3
    Smoked Tofu $3
    Half Avocado $3
    Kimchi $3
    Nut Medley $3
    Butternut Squash $3
    Mixed Greens $3
    Kale $3
    Green Onions $2
    Nori Seaweed $2
    Seeds $2


    Americano $4
    Latte $4.5/$5.25
    Mocha $5/$5.75
    Matcha Latte $5/$5.75
    Chai Latte (Stoneground) $5/$5.75
    Turmeric Rooibos Latte (Stoneground) $5/$5.75
    Kickstart Latte $5.5/$6.25
    London Fog (Stoneground) $5/$5.75
    Hot Chocolate (Stoneground) $5/$5.75
    Warm Apple Cider $5/$5.75
    Elevate Latte $5.5/$6.25

    Organic Teas $3.5~

    Green Tea
    Black Tea
    Herbal Tea
    Matcha Tea
    Yuzu Ginger Tea
    Turmeric Rooibos Tea

    *plant based mylks available +$1

    Baked Goods (made in limited quantities. Pre-orders possible)

    vegan cupcakesvegan cookiesvegan croissantsvegan rice crispymochi cakes

    Cupcakes (V) $3.99

    Banana Loaf (V) $3.5

    Mochi Cake (GF) $4

    Monster chocolate chip cookie (V) $3.99

    Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin (V, GF) $4.25

    Cinnamon Roll (V) $4.25

    Peanut Butter Bar (V, GF) 4.5

    Rice crispy (V, GF) $4.25

    Almond Croissant (V) $6.65

    Kale & Vegan Cheese Croissant (V) $4.9

    Chocolate Croissant (V) $4.9


    Smoothies (V,GF) $10

    Genki - Banana, Strawberry, Peanut butter, Cacao Nibs, Almond mylk

    Tropi-kale - Matcha, Pineapple, Mango, Avocado, Kale, Dates, Oat mylk, Protein powder

    PB Chco Banana - Peanut butter, Banana, Almonds, Almond mylk, Cacao


    * 12Oz and 16Oz sizes available for most drinks

    *V=vegan, GF=gluten friendly

    *Rice noodles may be a bit spicy due to the addition of yuzu-kosho (yuzu pepper)

    We have many more grab and go items not on our menu such a salads, organic onigiri (rice balls), sandwiches in our market available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please come by for a visit or simply give us a call to ask about them!

    *Food Allergy Disclaimer: Our meals are prepared in a facility whose environment contains nuts, soy, gluten and dairy. We are careful during preparation. However, we cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergens. If you have any questions, please let one of our Workshop team members know. Thank you 

    *Bulk orders for our baked goods is possible. Please call or e-mail us with your order!

    Food pictures are frequently posted on our social medial sites. Be sure to check us out on Facebook or Instagram!

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