The Best Vegan Ramen Kits

Vegan ramen kits are your one-stop solution for enjoying a hearty bowl of ramen that's 100% plant-based. Each kit includes everything you need to prepare a delicious meal quickly and easily. Experience the warmth and richness of traditional Japanese cuisine with the range of Vegan Ramen Kits. Our kits bring the authentic flavors of Japan to your kitchen in a compassionate, plant-based format.

Noods. Intro Bundle
Noods. Intro Bundle
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Noods. Intro Bundle
Tan Tan Ramen Noodle Kit
Spicy Tan Tan Ramen
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (6)
NOODS. Spicy Tan Tan Ramen Kit
Garlic Shio Ramen Kit
Vegan Garlic Shio Ramen
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (3)
NOODS. Garlic Shio Ramen Kit
original vegan noods.
original noods. recipes
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (3)
Plant Based Original noods. Noodles | 6-Pack
spinach and kale noodles
spinach and kale noodles recipes
tan tan broth pack for ramen
spicy tan tan broth packs
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Spicy Tan Tan Broth Pouches - 6 portions
umami garlic broth for ramen
garlic broth packs to make ramen
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (1)
Garlic Shio Ramen Broth Pouches - 6 portions

What Makes a Ramen Kit Vegan?

Vegan ramen kits are richness of plant-based diets, offering a delicious blend of vegan ramen recipes. These ramen kits distinguish themselves by excluding animal products, focusing on plant-based meals and ingredients that are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

Key Ingredients in a Vegan Ramen Kit

The essential vegan ramen ingredients are plant-based broth and vegan noodles. You can also enrich the flavour with a variety of toppings such as mushrooms, corn, and bamboo shoots. These ingredients are an excellent match with a vegan diet but also highlight the diversity and richness of vegan food products.

Benefits of Eating Vegan Ramen Noodles

Just because our noods. ramen kits are vegan-friendly or plant-based, they are definitely not only meant for vegans. Even seasoned meat lovers, flexitarians LOVE our ramen. In fact, our Flagship Cafe has been serving Vegan dishes since 2016 and about 90% of our customers are not plant-based or vegan. At the end of the day, great tasting food is great food! We can assure you that our NOODS Vegan Ramen Kits satisfy the most discerning palate.

Did you know 10 benefits of plant based living? If you are looking to enjoy a full vegan ramen bowl, look no further, you can top your creation with meat substitutes, mushrooms, tofu, multiple proteins that you enjoy. On the other hand, you can completely customize and add any animal based products, including meat or eggs on our noods too.

If you ask The Plant Based Workshop, vegan, restaurant quality ramen is one of the most delicious innovations. Traditionally, ramen is made with lots of preservatives, animal and artificial products. Not to mention, it has been considered more of a snack item than a meal. We are disrupting this category! The Plant Based Workshop is adding a whole another “healthier and enjoyable” angle to the idea of ramen noodles being a quick and easy meal.

4 Reasons to Buy Our Ramen Kits

Here are some reasons to choose our noods. ramen kits. 
vegan products

100% Plant-Based 

Yes! 100% of the products offered by The Plant Based Workshop are Plant-Based, Vegan. Switching to a high fibre, primarily plant based diet will give you a healthy advantage. Ramen noodle soup is such a classic, family favourite. With the noods. ramen kits quick and ease of preparation, it translates to a much healthier diet without having to prepare or purchase complex ingredients.

High in Fibre

Generally plant-based, vegan noodles also tend to be higher in fibre, which is really great for your gut, diet and overall health. The Plant Based Workshop believes that fibre is one of the most important aspects of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our noodles are dehydrated and nutrient rich. To ensure proper gut and immune health, we’ve also added kale and spinach to some of our noodles for fibre aiding digestion.

Simple Ingredients

The Plant Based Workshop wants to make it easier for you to incorporate us into your routine. This means that you can have more delicious meals with no guilt or bloat. We don’t use any preservatives or add msg which often causes negative reactions in the body. 
serving vegan ramen kits

Suitable for any occasion, or daily routine meals

Our noods. ramen kits are suited for any meal or time of the day! With the quality of meals that you can create with our meal kits, you’d be proud to serve this to your friends, family and guests. Additionally, our noods are so versatile, you can have them plain, simple, a snack or for a lavish, romantic dinner.

Popular Pairings with Ramen

  1. Serve your ramen with a side of steamed edamame for extra protein and that izakaya experience.
  2. Pair with a refreshing iced green tea or a fruity kombucha to wash that salty goodness down.
  3. Gyoza (Japanese dumplings) with the perfect crisp and chew are the perfect sidekick to your ramen.
  4. Fried rice tastes great with ramen, the combination and variety is nice.
  5. Egg rolls, or dumplings, potstickers is often served along with ramen in Chinese cuisine.
  6. For those who love a variety of textures on your table, crispy tofu is hard to resist! Air fryers work great when you want each piece golden brown and crunchy.
  7. Fresh spinach and sesame salad (goma-ae) or cucumber salad. Both of these are very easy to make and allows you to mingle with more veggies!

How to Prepare a Delicious Vegan Ramen at Home?

Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Vegan Ramen

Follow our easy vegan ramen recipes and step-by-step guides from our each product page to create delicious, heartwarming bowls of ramen at home. Discover how DIY cooking kits can enhance your home-cooking trend experience, making gourmet vegan meals accessible to everyone.

  1. Boil 500ml water and cook noodles in it for 3 minutes.
  2. In a bowl, mix soup pack with 300ml boiled water.
  3. Drain noodles, add to soup, and garnish with favourite toppings!

Scrumptious Ramen Recipes Variations with Our Ramen Kits

Ramen noods. are known as a classic dinner hack!

  1. Creamy Vegan Ramen (Tonkotsu style) : Mix in your favourite plant based milks or a little bit of yogurt to create a rich creamy broth. Add coconut milk and lime for a Thai style delight!
  2. Curry Vegan Ramen: Use curry powder or curry paste for a flavourful 
  3. Super Spicy Vegan Ramen: Add chili flakes, sriracha, or extra chili oil to turn up the heat!
  4. Kimchi Vegan Ramen: Adding kimchi in or on top of your ramen will add a tangy kick.
  5. Garlic Butter Ramen: In soup or plain noods, sometimes, simple with a dash of soy sauce goes a long way! Kids loooove the simplicity of butter noodles!
  6. Cheesy Tan Tan Ramen: Need I say more??
  7. Soy Tofu & Broccoli Ramen: One of the favourites. Cubed tofu and tender broccoli join those unmistakable noodles in a savoury ginger soy sauce.
  8. Birria (Mexican) Ramen: Simply add some taco seasoning to your broth to make it the ultimate comfort food with a twist.
  9. Pasta style! Have you ever used ramen noodles instead of pasta noodles?? Absolutely changes up your usual pasta recipes. (Not to mention ramen takes a shorter time to cook up)
  10. Ramen Salad: A perfect summer dish. After cooking your ramen noodles, drain under cold water to chill, toss with some salad, fresh veggies and dressing of choice. You have a beautiful, refreshing summer meal, great for office lunches too. 
  11. TikTok Ramen: For those of you who are fans of Trader Joe’s or TikTok have used the Everthing Bagel Seasoning on just about everything. Top your fried ramen noodles with a generous smattering of this viral seasoning and green onions.
  12. Breakfast Ramen: Who said ramen can only be enjoyed for lunch or dinner? At The Plant Based Workshop in North Vancouver, we’ve served up the breakfast ramen with some Just Egg, Daiya cheese, and some a nut and mushroom medley. Mmmmmm, way to start your day!
  13. Peanut noodles: Throw some crunchy cabbage and some peanut sauce. Can be served deliciously cold or warm.
  14. Ramen Burgers: Ramen and Burgers?! The two are such nostalgic cravings, you cannot go wrong. Fry up the ramen noodles in to bun sized discs to create a dense, crunchy bun.
  15. Buttery Tan Tan Ramen Recipe with Mushroom Snow Crab: As the butter melts into the piping hot broth, it creates a silky and luxurious texture that envelops each strand of noodles in a velvety embrace.

Are Vegan Ramen Kits Healthy?

The nutritional benefits of our vegan ramen kits are highlighting how these kits fit into a heart-healthy diet and support overall wellness. Our selection prioritizes low-calorie meals without compromising on flavour or satisfaction.

Health benefits of vegan ramen kits will incorporate your diet. Each kit is a step towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Where Can You Buy Vegan Ramen Kits?

Online Shopping for Vegan Ramen Kits

Our online shopping options for vegan ramen offer a wider selection at your convenience. Find out how to choose the best vegan ramen kits from the comfort of your home.

Buying From Supermarkets and Health Food Stores

Our healthy vegan ramen kits can be found at many stores in Canada. Discover where to find the best vegan ramen kits here, from local supermarkets to specialized health food stores. Our guide ensures you know exactly what to look for and where.

What to Expect in Terms of Pricing

Understand the pricing landscape for vegan ramen kits, from budget-friendly options to premium gourmet kits. When you order online by including different bundles or sets, the price of our ramens for per serving gets more affordable.

Frequently asked question

Yes, many vegan ramen kits are designed to be inclusive of various dietary needs beyond just veganism. For instance, gluten-free vegan ramen options cater to individuals with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities. Moreover, organic and non-GMO vegan ramen kits appeal to those focused on avoiding genetically modified ingredients. When selecting a vegan ramen kit, it's important to read the ingredient list and product information to ensure it meets your specific dietary requirements.

Within Canada. Stay tuned as we continue to expand! Please email us with requests or DM us @plantbasedworkshop

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The noods. Ramen kit allergens are sesame and wheat.

Yes, they are soy free.

No, be ready for some innovations in the near future!

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