10 benefits of plant-based living

10 Benefits of Plant-Based Living

May 10, 2024The Workshop

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A brothy revolution: Why we ditched meat for revolutionary plant-based ramen kits?

Here, at The Plant Based Workshop, we're passionate about ramen.

Furthermore, we're also passionate about creating delicious and innovative food experiences that are yummy, good for you and the planet.

That's why we decided to disrupt the ramen scene by focusing on plant-based broths and ingredients in our ramen noods. kits.

plant-based living lifestyle benefits

This wasn't just a random culinary whim.

And, if you have read up about The Plant Based Workshop, and the Founder’s Story, you’d know about who we are as people and how we came about becoming plant-based.

It's a conscious choice driven by a desire to tap into a growing trend and offer a product that aligns with our values.

Here's a deeper dive into why we made the switch to plant-based ramen:

The Uprise of Plant-Based Living:

There's a seismic shift happening in the food industry. According to a GlobeScan 2021 report.

Plant-based food sales are growing at a staggering rate – 27% globally between 2017 and 2024. This surge is driven by a confluence of factors, including:

  • Health Concerns: Consumers are increasingly seeking healthier options, and plant-based diets are consistently linked to numerous health benefits. This includes reduced risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and type 2 diabetes. (Harvard School of Public Health)
  • Environmental Awareness: The environmental impact of animal agriculture is undeniable. Livestock farming contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation World Wildlife Fund: Plant-based alternatives offer a more sustainable option. 
  • Ethical Considerations: Many consumers are opting for plant-based choices due to ethical concerns surrounding animal welfare in factory farms.


Aspect Plant-Based Ramen Meat-Based Ramen
Nutritional Content

- Lower in saturated fats and cholesterol

- Higher in dietary fiber

- Often fortified with additional nutrients

- Higher in protein

- Higher in saturated fats and cholesterol

- Less dietary fiber

Environmental Impact

- Fewer greenhouse gas emissions

- More sustainable use of water and land

- Reduces deforestation

- Significant greenhouse gas emissions

- High water and land use

- Often linked to deforestation

Ethical Considerations

- No animals harmed

- Supports cruelty

- Free diets

- Potential animal welfare concerns

- Issues with humane treatment of animals

health benefits of plant-based diet

Top 10 health benefits of a going Plant-Based

  1. May support weight loss

Let’s not forget that not all food plant-based or vegan is necessarily “healthy” or “nutrition rich”. However, according to a US study, comparing the nutritional quality of a number of diets showed a balanced vegan, plant-based diet, has the lowest total energy intake, a better fat profile and highest dietary fibre levels when compared to omnivore and lacto-ovo-vegetarian diets. A greater fibre intake means meals are more satiating, making you less likely to snack and potentially better connects you with your hunger signals. 

For some, the incentive to lose a few pounds is motivation enough to turn to a plant-based diet! Some studies support the fact that, in general, vegans tend to be thinner and have a lower BMI (body mass index). If you’ve been watching some Netflix shows, that studies over an 18 week period, a low-fat vegan diet helped participants lose 4.2kg more than those on a control diet. An added benefit is that a vegan diet is naturally lower in calories making calorie counting and portion control unnecessary.

  1. May support heart health

Enjoying a diet packed with plant foods such as wholegrains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, is associated with a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. No surprise here!

  1. May lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Following a plant-based or vegetarian diet is associated with lower blood pressure and better cholesterol management. Male vegans especially appear to enjoy even greater cardiovascular benefits, with notable reductions in a number of cardiac risk factors. Has anyone heard of Rich Roll? He is an amazing athlete who has continuously advocated towards a plant-based lifestyle!

  1. May support blood sugar balance

Plant-based or not, following a whole food vegan diet may help those with blood sugar disturbances. However, people who adopt a vegan diet tend to have higher insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels and as a result a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is, in part, down to the fact that, by its very nature, a whole foods and plant-based diets, tends to supply plenty of lower GI foods (glycemic index) which are rich in dietary fibre.

Totally understandable that we all want to indulge in certain foods and eat some yummy, nostalgic foods that we grew up with. However, keep in mind that including wholegrains in your diet helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Slow digestion, acting as a physical barrier, is always preferred for the health of your body. 

  1. May reduce the risk of diabetes complications

Plant-based, vegan diets tend to be lower in saturated fat and higher in protective phyto-nutrients from fruit and vegetables, all of which makes the diet compatible with current dietary guidelines for those with diabetes. However, if you've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and/or are on medication, speak to your GP or dietitian before making significant changes to your eating habits.

  1. May reduce the risk of certain cancers

Super scary thought that there’s been reports that cancer cases are expected to climb over the next few decades with this increase thought to be, in part, driven by lifestyle factors including obesity, inactivity and diet. Eating more plant-based foods including legumes, fruits and vegetables and cutting your intake of processed foods and meats have been shown to reduce cancer risk.

Studies examining the impact of plant-based diets appear to show that the best outcome for all risk of cancers is achieved from a well-balanced vegan diet. 

  1. May be beneficial for gut health

Gut health has been increasingly talked about. Take care of your gut microbiome! This is the community of microbes including bacteria, yeast and viruses that live in your digestive tract. Our understanding of this important microbial community is advancing and we now know that it influences how we think, feel and how healthy we are. Research suggests that by changing the foods we eat, we can very quickly and successfully change our gut microbiome for the better. 

In Japan, it is very common to take care of your gut health. Eating foods like fermented beans, pastes, pickles have helped them appear in the “blue zone” with the most documented centenarians on the globe!

Studies show that by eating a varied plant-based diet we can make positive and rapid changes to our gut microbiome, encouraging the beneficial microbes to flourish and increasing the different types of microbes that live there. This is because by eating plenty of plant-based foods which supply different fibres, we feed our gut bacteria allowing them to flourish and increase in number.

The more varied your diet, the more diverse the microbiome, the more adaptable it becomes to fighting disease – this is important because a loss in species diversity is associated with a number of disease outcomes. So, eat lots of variety!!

  1. May be anti-inflammatory

A diet rich in antioxidant-rich whole foods including a varied and plentiful supply of fruit and vegetables combined with fewer trigger foods may decrease inflammatory reactions such as those seen in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

  1. May support healthy skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Epidemiological studies have associated higher intakes of the foods typically found in a vegan diet, such as fruits and vegetables, with positive skin health. These foods are rich in plant defense chemicals called polyphenols as well as key skin-supporting nutrients such as vitamins C and E. Further benefits for skin conditions may be relevant, this includes for acne, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis, as well as skin aging. What comes out on the outside, is a reflection on what’s going on inside.

  1. High scoring for nutritional quality

Wholefood vegan diets, which include fortified foods, are associated with better health because they are high in dietary fibre, include a plentiful supply of food sources rich in folate, vitamins C and E and the minerals, potassium and magnesium. One of the reasons why The Plant Based Workshop uses kombu as an essential umami rich ingredient is because it offers many of these qualities!

The high fruit and veg intake, low levels of sodium and saturated fat all mean vegan diets tend to score highly in the healthy stakes! Our dehydrated ramen noodle's benefits are a true example of nutritional quality compare to other types.

plant based noodle toppings

Plant-Based Ramen: Flavour Without Compromise

We understand that some might be apprehensive about a plant-based ramen experience. Fear not, flavour enthusiasts! The beauty of plant-based cuisine lies in its creativity.

The Plant Based Workshop did the research, we know that we only have that one chance to prove it to all the flexitarians and skeptics out there!

Mind-blowing flavour is something that is top priority for us. We use a combination of techniques, like simmering vegetables, mushrooms, and kombu (kelp) for extended periods, to create broths that are rich, complex, and bursting with umami flavour.

Beyond the Bowl: The Benefits of Plant-Based Living

Choosing plant-based ramen isn't just about a delicious meal; it's a conscious decision that extends beyond the bowl. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By opting for plant-based ramen, you're contributing to a smaller carbon footprint and a more sustainable food system.
  • Healthier Choices: Plant-based broths tend to be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol compared to traditional meat-based broths, making them a healthier option. Clean eating=clear mind, and body. We’ve gone a step further and promise no added msg or preservatives in our products.
  • Dietary Inclusivity: Our plant-based kits are naturally vegan and often free from allergens like nuts, soy and dairy, making them a great option for many to enjoy.
healthy plant-based noodle recipe

Join the Plant-Based Craft Ramen Breakthrough!

At The Plant Based Workshop, we believe that delicious food and environmental responsibility can go hand-in-hand.

Our plant-based ramen kits offer a unique and flavourful experience that aligns with your values and dietary needs.

Check out how easy to prepare Spicy Tan Tan Ramen in 4 minutes at home!

So ditch the traditional, embrace the revolution, and savour a steaming bowl of plant-based ramen goodness!

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