25+ Ramen Ingredients to Enrich the Flavour | Plant Based

25+ Ramen Ingredients to Enrich the Flavour | Plant Based

Jun 19, 2024The Plant Based Workshop

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While preparing any kind of plant based ramen noodle at home, ingredients that we use make a tremendous amount of difference on the flavour.

With our years of experience with so many different ingredients used, we will be introducing the 25 should-have ingredients that will take ramen preparation at home from ordinary to extraordinary.

From rich broths to umami boosters and crunchy veggies, we've got you covered.

Let's begin to learn how to create a bowl of ramen that’s bursting with flavour and texture with different spicy tan tan ramen ingredients.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn essential vegan ingredients for a savoury ramen base.
  2. Discover umami-rich ingredients to elevate your ramen's depth.
  3. Find the best vegetables and proteins to add texture and flavour.

What are the key ingredients for plant based ramen?

Every vegan ramen should include these key ingredients as they are essential for creating a balanced and flavourful dish.

To make a delicious plant based ramen at home, you need a few ingredients to enrich your ramen broth:

  • Vegetable broth: This is your base, providing a savoury foundation for your ramen.
  • Soy milk or plant-based milk: Adds creaminess and richness, ensuring your broth is smooth and satisfying.
  • Sesame paste or tahini: Offers a nutty, umami flavour that brings depth and complexity to your ramen.
  • Soy sauce and miso paste: Crucial for depth and savoury notes, enhancing the overall taste and making it more robust.
  • Chilli oil or chilli paste: Adds heat and depth, making your ramen spicy and exciting.
  • Rice vinegar: Balances flavours with acidity, cutting through the richness and adding a touch of brightness.
  • Garlic and ginger: Aromatic base ingredients that provide a fragrant and flavourful start to your broth.

    How can you enhance the umami flavour in ramen bowl?

    To make your vegan Tan Tan Ramen burst with umami, you need the right ingredients:
    • Dried shiitake mushrooms: Rich in natural umami, they add depth to the broth.
      shiitake mushroom for plant based ramen ingredient
    • Kombu (dried kelp): Boosts the umami flavour in the soup base.
    • Nutritional yeast: Adds a cheesy, savoury flavour that enriches the ramen.
    • Tomato paste: Provides depth and richness to the broth.
    • Fermented black beans: Intensely savoury, they can elevate the umami profile of your ramen.
    • White or yellow miso paste: Essential for deep umami notes that are hard to beat.

    These ingredients can transform your vegan Tan Tan Ramen into a flavourful delight. So, next time you cook, don't forget these umami enhancers.

    What vegetables are best for adding texture and flavour to vegan Tan Tan Ramen?

    Which vegetables work best in vegan Tan Tan Ramen? Here are some excellent options:
    • Bok choy or baby bok choy: Adds crunch and freshness to the dish. The leaves and stems offer different textures, making each bite interesting. This ingredient is a-must-have to prepare plant based tan tan ramen at home
      bokchoy for ramen ingredients
    • Bean sprouts: Provide a light, crunchy texture that complements the ramen's broth. The sprouts also add a bit of sweetness.
    • Scallions or green onions: Bring a mild onion flavour and crispness. They can be added raw or lightly cooked, enhancing the overall taste.
      green onion for plant based ramen ingredient
    • Shiitake mushrooms or other mushrooms: Earthy and umami-rich, mushrooms soak up the broth, adding depth to the flavour.
    • Spinach or kale: Can be used for added colour and nutrients. Both greens wilt nicely in the hot broth, contributing a subtle, fresh taste. Based our my experience, this ingredients makes a big difference with our garlic shio ramen kit
      kale ingredient for plant based ramen
    • Bamboo shoots: Perfect for a crunchy texture. They hold up well in the broth and add a unique flavour.
    • Carrots: Add sweetness and crunch. They can be sliced thin or julienned, not only tasting good but also adding a pop of color.
      carrot for plant based ramen

    What protein-rich ingredients can be used in plant based ramen?

    To add protein to your vegan Tan Tan Ramen, consider these options:
    • Tofu: Firm tofu holds its shape well during cooking, adding a satisfying bite. Silken tofu is softer and can blend into the broth, adding creaminess. Tofu can be used with any kind of plant based ramen as it is rich in protein.
      smoked tofu for plant based ramen
    • Tempeh: This fermented soybean cake has a nutty flavour and firm texture. It absorbs the spicy broth well, making each bite flavourful.
    • Seitan: Offers a chewy, meat-like texture. Made from wheat gluten, seitan is perfect for those who miss the chewiness of meat. It soaks up the broth, making it a hearty addition to the ramen.
    • Edamame: Provides a tender and protein-rich option. These young soybeans add a pop of color and a fresh taste to the dish. They are also easy to prepare and blend well with other ingredients.
    • Chickpeas: Are a great way to add creaminess and protein. They have a mild flavour that complements the spicy broth. You can either mash them slightly or leave them whole for texture.
    • Vegan meat substitutes: Like soy curls and jackfruit are also fantastic additions.

    Which ingredients can spice up your plant based ramen?

    How do you make vegan Tan Tan Ramen spicy? Consider these options:
    • Chilli oil or chilli paste: The easiest way to add direct heat. You can drizzle some over your ramen or mix it into the broth.
    • Szechuan peppercorns: Add a numbing heat that complements the spiciness. You can crush them and sprinkle them on top or simmer them in the broth.
    • Fresh or dried chilli peppers: Offer variable heat levels. You can choose from mild to extremely hot varieties. Slice fresh peppers thinly or crush dried ones to release their heat.
    • Gochujang: A Korean chilli paste that provides a deep, fermented heat. It adds a rich, complex flavour to your broth. You can find it in most Asian grocery stores.
    • Red pepper flakes: Easy to adjust for heat. Sprinkle a little for mild heat or a lot for intense spiciness. They are versatile and can be added at any stage of cooking.
    • Spicy miso paste: Combines umami and spice. It adds depth and a savoury kick to your ramen. Mix it into the broth for a balanced, spicy flavour.

    What garnishes and toppings can elevate vegan ramen?

    Garnishes play a vital role to enrich the taste of any vegan ramen.

    Based on our experience here are some great options that you can add on your bowl of ramen with a peace of mind!
    • Chopped scallions: They add freshness and a pop of colour. Sprinkle them on top for a mild onion flavour.
    • Sesame seeds: Bring a nutty taste and a bit of crunch. They also enhance the visual appeal of your ramen.
      sesami for vegan ramen noodles
    • Nori strips (seaweed): Add umami and texture. They give your ramen a traditional Japanese touch.
    • Cilantro or parsley: Add a fresh, herbal note. These herbs brighten up the bowl and add a layer of complexity.
    • Lime wedges: Add brightness and a bit of acidity. Squeeze a wedge over the bowl to balance the rich flavours.
    • Pickled ginger: Offers a sweet and tangy contrast. It cuts through the spiciness and adds a refreshing element.
    • Crushed peanuts or cashews: Provide crunch and richness. They add a satisfying texture and a nutty flavour that complements the broth.

    Using these garnishes and toppings will elevate your vegan Tan Tan Ramen.

    They not only enhance the flavour but also make the dish visually appealing.

    Experiment with different combinations to find your perfect balance of flavours and textures.

    In this blog post, we have covered the key vegan ingredients for different kind of ramen types to enhance its umami flavour, the best vegetables for texture, protein options, ways to spice it up, and garnishes to elevate your dish.

    By using these ingredients and tips, you can create a delicious, satisfying bowl of plant based and enriched ramen.

    Experiment with different combinations to find your perfect balance of flavours and textures.

    Enjoy your cooking journey!

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