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Quick and Easy Spicy Tan Tan Ramen Recipe | Under 4 Minutes

Apr 27, 2024The Workshop

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Preparing our plant-based Tan Tan Ramen can take less than just 4 minutes!

Time for you to discover the magic of making your own Vegan Tan Tan Ramen in the comfort of your own home.

Let's get started on this culinary adventure together.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn to prepare a delicious, restaurant quality experience at home.
  2. Discover the cultural origins of the Tan Tan Ramen.
  3. Understand the uniqueness of this spicy, savoury dish.

    Our Journey to Spicy Vegan Tan Tan Ramen

    Wanting to enjoy the yummy, nostalgic foods we grew up with, we experimented with various ingredients to recreate the depth of flavours and umami without the use of any animal products.

    Our Original Spicy, Vegan, Tan Tan Ramen, we have been proudly serving since 2016 at The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe.

    In comparison to the traditional ground pork that Tan Tan is usually made from, we have created a beautiful vegan nut and mushroom medley, accompanied by roasted butternut squash, kale, sesame seeds and green onions.

    These sit on top of our handcrafted, organic ramen noodles.

    The broth's umami, recreated delectably using premium konbu, vegetable stock, organic chickpea miso, and added a dollop of organic tahini, a rich sesame paste to get a nutty, rich texture.

    The result was a Vegan Spicy Tan Tan Ramen that not only satisfied our taste buds but also aligned with our ethical choices.

    Furthermore, our customers had asked to make this amazing meal readily available in the comfort of their own home. We did it! we innovated a truly beautiful Japanese inspired experience at home to share with your loved ones.

    Quick and Easy Spicy Tan Tan Ramen

    The Workshop
    Vegan Tan Tan Ramen

    April 27, 2024

    Learn to prepare a delicious Vegan Tan Tan Ramen, discover its cultural origins, and understand the health benefits of plant-based living.

    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Cook time: 4 minutes
    Yield: 1 serving



    1. Gather Your Vegan Tan Tan Ramen Kit Ingredients

      First things first, let's raid the pantry!

      Grab that vegan Tan Tan Ramen Kit. It's got all you need: noodles, broth packet. Plus, whatever you may have in your fridge to elevate that meal! No meat, no problem. We're keeping it plant-based and still packing flavour.

    2. Prepare the Broth

      Now, get that broth going. Pour the spicy soup base into a pot with water. Stir it up! Let it simmer. Smells good, right? That's your broth already made awesome. Keep it on low; we don't want to rush perfection.

      Tip: If you want to make the broth the quickest way, just empty the content of your broth packet in your serving bowl and add the boiled water directly in there!

      tan tan ramen noodle broth

    3. Cook the Noodles

      Noodles next! Boil water in a separate pot. Toss those original noodles in. Not too long, though. We want them springy, not mushy.

      About three to four minutes should do it. Just like pasta, drain them and give them a quick rinse. They're ready for action.

      original noodle

    4. Assemble and Serve

      Time to bring it all together. Grab a bowl. Noodles first, then pour that steaming broth over them.

      Give it a little stir. Now, make it pretty! Top with your favourites: greens, mushrooms, tofu, egg, seaweed, maybe a drizzle of sesame oil.

      There you have it!

    Nutritions of Spicy Tan Tan Ramen

    Calories 450 kcal
    Protein 12 g
    Fat 14 g
    Carbohydrates 65 g

    Bringing the Recipe to Life

    What should my Tan Tan Ramen look like?

    Don't forget, we eat with our eyes first! Your beautiful creation should be a vibrant bowl full of color and texture.

    How should I plate my Tan Tan Ramen?

    Start with a deep bowl to showcase the layers of your ramen. Gathering ingredients is like setting the stage for your culinary show.

    Lay out fresh greens, bright red chilli oil, and creamy sesame paste. Each component plays a role in the final masterpiece.

    Preparing the broth is where the magic begins. Watch as the clear water transforms into a rich, spicy elixir, the foundation of your ramen.

    Cooking the noodles is a quick affair. They should be springy and al dente, ready to soak up the flavourful broth.

    The final plated dish is a symphony of your efforts. Pour the steaming broth over the noodles, then artfully arrange your toppings.

    Green onions add a pop of color, and a drizzle of chili oil creates a fiery swirl.

    The beauty of this dish truly masks its ease. Japanese cuisine is often as delightful to look at as it is to devour.

    Cultural and Culinary Background of Tan Tan Ramen Noodle

    What is the origin of tan tan ramen? Tan Tan Ramen began in Japan, inspired by the Chinese dish, Dan Dan Noodles.

    This dish was adapted to fit the Japanese love for noodle soups, becoming a staple in Japanese cuisine.

    What are the traditional ingredients of tan tan ramen?

    They include ramen noodles, ground pork, sesame paste, soy sauce, chili oil, and green onions.

    These elements come together to create a rich, complex flavour profile that's both savoury and spicy, with a creamy texture from the sesame.

    Now, let's talk about vegan alternatives.

    We can swap out the ground pork for plant-based protein like tofu or tempeh.

    Instead of traditional broth, which may contain animal products, we use a vegan broth seasoned with miso, tahini, and other plant-based ingredients to mimic that deep umami flavour.

    The great thing about this dish is how it maintains the spirit of traditional Tan Tan Ramen while being inclusive for those following a vegan lifestyle.

    It's a beautiful blend of Japanese soup recipes and healthy eating, showing how food culture can evolve without losing its essence.

    Homemade ramen like this offers a taste of Japanese culture right in your kitchen.

    Plus, it's a chance to experiment with Asian recipes.

    Differences between tan tan ramen or dan dan noodle?

    Tan Tan Ramen and Dan Dan Noodles are two similar yet distinct dishes, each with its own cultural origins and culinary characteristics. Here's a comparative overview of these popular noodle dishes:

    Tan Tan Ramen:

    • Origin: Tan Tan Ramen originates from Japan, taking inspiration from the Chinese Dan Dan Noodles.
    • Soup Base: This dish is characterized by its broth-based preparation. The soup base, often flavoured with soy sauce, sesame paste, and chili oil, provides a rich and savoury flavour profile.
    • Ingredients: Traditional Tan Tan Ramen includes ramen noodles, ground pork, soy sauce, sesame paste, chili oil, and green onions. However, vegan versions often substitute ground pork with tofu or tempeh and use a vegetable broth.
    • Texture and Flavour: The dish combines the springy texture of ramen noodles with a creamy, spicy broth, offering a balanced and comforting dining experience.
    • Serving Style: Tan Tan Ramen is served as a soup, with the noodles swimming in the flavourful broth, complemented by a variety of toppings.

    Dan Dan Noodles:

    • Origin: Dan Dan Noodles have their roots in China's Sichuan province. They are named after the traditional bamboo poles used by street vendors to carry the dish.
    • Soup Base: This dish is often drier than Tan Tan Ramen, with the noodles coated in a flavourful sauce rather than submerged in broth. The sauce includes ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, and Sichuan peppercorns.
    • Ingredients: Dan Dan Noodles include wheat noodles, ground pork, soy sauce, chili oil, Sichuan peppercorns, and sometimes sesame paste. Vegan versions substitute ground pork with tofu or other plant-based proteins.
    • Texture and Flavour: The dish offers a unique combination of chewy noodles coated in a spicy, tangy sauce, delivering a punchy flavour profile.
    • Serving Style: Dan Dan Noodles are usually served in a bowl with the sauce mixed thoroughly into the noodles, ensuring every bite is flavourful.

    Key Differences:

    • Cultural Background: Tan Tan Ramen is a Japanese dish inspired by Chinese cuisine, while Dan Dan Noodles have a distinct Chinese heritage.
    • Broth vs. Sauce: Tan Tan Ramen is served with a soup-based broth, while Dan Dan Noodles are coated in a thicker, saucy mixture.
    • Flavour Profile: Tan Tan Ramen's broth provides a rich, creamy flavour, while Dan Dan Noodles offer a spicier, tangier taste from its sauce.

    What makes our Vegan Tan Tan Ramen Unique.

    These noods are unmatched. First to market in the way the noodles are dehydrated, bringing them back to life at a premium, slurpable, restaurant quality texture in the comfort of your own home.
    Non fried noodles which retains all of it's nutrients offering 35% of your iron intake for the day, as well as 12g of protein in each bundle.
    The concentrated liquid, shelf stable Tan Tan broth which is rich in umami and flavour, yet free from MSG, preservatives or anything artificial.
    With this kits quick, convenient, 4 minute cooking time, and individualization capability, it will leave you absolutely wanting to keep these stocked up in your pantry!

    fried tofu to add on vegan ramen noodle

    The Ramen Kits are created by Chefs and Artisans who have won awards "best place to eat in Canada" 3 years in a row!

    The Tan Tan kit is inspired by our best selling menu item at the Flagship Cafe in North Vancouver, BC! 

    Ignite your taste buds with the bold and fiery flavours of this traditional broth ensuring the perfect balance and tantalizing explosion of mild, flavourful spice in each bite.

    Coupled with noodles made with British Columbia flour, which has been the foundation of any of our noodle dishes. Fine ingredients and meticulously crafted products.

    What Can We Add to Our Tan Tan Ramen Recipe?

    The beauty of this dish lies in its versatility.

    You can enrich your bowl with a variety of toppings and sides that complement the spicy, nutty flavours of the ramen.

    Many folks who've tried the vegan tan tan ramen kit rave about its authentic taste and the ease of preparation.

    One tan tan ramen lover shared, "It's like a warm hug in a bowl, with just the right kick of spice. The best part? I got to add my own twist with some crispy tofu and sautéed mushrooms."

    popular pairings with ramen kits

    If you're wondering where to snag a kit for yourself, a quick online search will lead you to several retailers offering these convenient packs.

    For our customers in Canada, get them delivered right to your door. Just click, order, and you're halfway to a delicious meal!

    Remember, the key to a memorable Tan Tan Ramen experience is to make it your own. So, go ahead, get creative with those add-ons!

    This dish, rich in flavour and history, can be a great addition to your menu rotation. 

    Enjoy the restaurant experience at home!

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